Add Solvemoji to your phone home screen

If you're like us here at Solvemoji, you will want a quick way to access your emoji solveing goodness! Don't worry, help is at hand!

You can easily add a shortcut to Solvemoji to your phones home page by saving the page on your phone. Please follow the below steps to achive this.

Only Iphone/Iphone at the moment, but more instructions to come soon... this can similarly be done using an Android phone.

Iphone/Ipad instruction

Step 1


Go to the Solvemoji homepage, next click on the button shown above.

Step 2


Now click the 'Add to Home Screen' button.

Step 3


Change the name to 'Solvemoji' and then click Add.

Step 4


Your very own shortcut is now available.